African Food and Peace Foundation

The AFPF works through and provides significant funding for the African Rural University, an educational institute for women.

There are countless charitable organizations that devote themselves to the well-being of African communities. One such organization is the African Food and Peace Foundation. Stationed in Uganda, this organization works alongside other Ugandan charity organizations to try and change the lives of the local peoples. They work through these organizations that are on the ground in Uganda primarily to develop the rural areas of the communities they work with. Contrary to what one may originally believe the main focus of their work to be by reading their name, the African Food and Peace Foundation’s main focus is the improvement of the lives of women in these areas where they conduct their projects.

The African Food and Peace Foundation, or AFPF, was founded in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts. They ultimately work through two organizations, the Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme and African Rural University, both located in Kagadi Town, Uganda. The AFPF works through and provides significant funding the African Rural University that is an educational institute for women. According to the website, it is the first of its kind to be a university committed to the education of adult women in Africa. The AFPF in 2011 “rasied substantial funding” to fund this university project and it still is active today.

The AFPF also raised funds for the Uganda Rural Development and Training Progamme. The URDT was in need of vehicles due to their complex being located five hours from the city of Kampala in which they do their work. The AFPF proceeded to raise funds and purchased them
three used vehicles that would end up being a huge asset to the URDT to more efficiently conduct their work. This was one of many examples of AFPF working with URDT to improve rural Uganda. According to the organization, they have “transformed an impoverished African district into one where most families now enjoy food and water security, created some sort of income, and have become involved in good governance such as promoting women’s rights.”

So how does the AFPF raise their money? They do so through community events such as their annual dinner fundraiser that raises substantial amounts of money towards their cause. This dinner most recently occurred on November 3, 2016 and had the honor of hosting Her Excellency Oliver Wonekha, who is the Ugandan ambassador to the United States. One of the highlights of the evening was the Schooner Foundation granting a “challenge matching grant” of $100,000 to go towards the URDT and African Rural University. Since its inception thirty five years ago, it is clear that this organization is still striving to accomplish the goals they originally set and have the support of their peers.

In conclusion, the AFPF had goals of improving the lives of women and the community as a whole in the area of Uganda where they work. This organization appears to be doing, or trying, to do good work in Uganda and having the Ugandan ambassador at their annual dinner shows that they are attempting to work through the government and see what the people need to continue to have an impact in the areas they work. This seems to be a successful organization still making an impact after thirty five years of service and charity and it seems to be one that will continue on into the future.

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